A House In Memory Of Rostam

  • Location : Hafeziyeh Town,Kordan, Alborz, Iran
  • Client : Saloumeh Golbabayi
  • Total area : 1,950 m2
  • Build area : 490 m2
  • Date : 2014
  • Architecture Firm : Sohrab Rafat
  • Architect : Sohrab Rafat
  • Design Team : Mohammadreza Movahedi_Saloume Golbabayi
  • Construction Drawings : Sohrab Rafat
  • Type : Villa
  • Interior Design : Saloume Golbabayi
  • Structure : Rostami
  • Mechanical : Poursiami
  • Electrical : Ali Faraji
  • Lighting : FAD
  • Executor : Hosein Goudarzi
  • Supervisor : Sohrab Rafat_Saloume Golbabayi
  • CG Artist : Mohammad Shoghi
  • Material : Cement
  • Structure Type : Metal
  • Photographer : Ali Daghigh

The project is located on 1,950 m2 land in a mountainous area and is comprised of a 240 m2 service building and a 250 m2 villa.

The client is a horse admirer and has selected this land because of the area’s potential for riding and raising horses. The project was named after the client’s first horse – A House in memory of Rostam.

One of the project’s challenges was the collection of rainwater and water from a spring on the northern and western sides of the lot, which swamped the land and went to waste. After completing  necessary studies, we were able to collect the water in culverts and water features on site, and after filtration, use it for the complex and for watering the landscape. What is left unused is directed to lower level lands through two recently constructed qanats (underground waterways).

The main villa is located in the center of the land, with its back to the service building, in order to meet the client’s requirement for separating the two buildings – especially the pool – from one another without using fencing. In this way, any circulation related to mechanical/plumbing issues, tending the horses, or kitchen services will not interfere with the privacy of the villa.

Other requirements of the client or physical conditions of the context that affected the design

  • Untouched views of nature and the mountains, which desired an unobstructed view
  • Direct access from bedrooms to pool
  • Creating a sense of privacy and security while maintaining a close connection with the natural surroundings
  • Locating the “public” spaces on the upper floor, which has better views of the surroundings
  • Minimizing the buildings’ footprints in order to maximize the landscape
  • Using simple, pure forms and material
  • Short construction time due to local weather conditions and client’s desire for quick occupancy, as well as being economical

The above-mentioned issues led to the formation of the project as two pure rectangular cubes
that meet the requirements of the project.

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