Yasa Villa

  • Location : Kordan, Alborz, Iran
  • Client : Reza Rashidi
  • Total area : 1850 m2
  • Build area : 485 m2
  • Date : 2018_2019
  • Architecture Firm : Sohrab Rafat
  • Architect : Sohrab Rafat
  • Design Team : Negin Asgari
  • Construction Drawings : Narges Jazayeri
  • Type : Villa
  • Interior Design : Negin Asgari
  • Mechanical : Vahid Golmohammadi
  • Executor : Hosein Goudarzi
  • Supervisor : Hasan Goudarzi
  • CG Artist : Mohammad hosein Shoghi
  • Structure Type : Concrete
  • Materials : Cement_Metal
  • :

When the client contacted our office regarding his project, in which the walls were being constructed; he requested the most suitable physical plan, form and finally architecture of a weekend villa for three brothers and their families, considering the existing situation.

After the first evaluations, the parts which could be changed and the attached elements were designed to create an appropriate pattern for interacting with climate, context, building use and the family. For achieving a responsive form which could cause the cohesion of existing dispersed elements, a monolithic cement streak with wooden dividers was used to form the morphology of the structure.

Creating long voids in the southern wall in two floors provided a suitable view of the upstream gardens for the family, in addition to having the benefit of the southern light. Additionally, these voids in the ground floor caused a direct relationship with the nature of the site, due to creating spatial integrity between the outside and inside of the villa.

The interior spaces create a relationship between the kitchen, living room, and dining room in the ground floor, and also connect the dirty kitchen to outside.

The guest room has physical and visual connection with the entrance lobby of the building and the landscape. The mechanical room, which is equipped with sound and heat insulation, is accessible from the outside. Moreover, in the top floor, there are three large master bedrooms for three brothers, the rooms are separated from each other by a semi-private hall so that the spaces could enjoy the view of the site and the gardens. And finally, a large open terrace is facing the garden which has a direct connection with the nature and sky, and also to interact with the pool area.

Finally, all the spaces, corridors, and voids are arranged in a way to have a smooth circulation of natural air.

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